Friday, June 14, 2013

NBA Finals Gifs

The NBA Finals are tied 2-2!!  Bosh and Wade are back!!  Lebron didn't let three slow games in a row get in his head!!  Tiago Splitter isn't actually good at basketball!!

Let's slow known on the knee-jerk reactions a little bit.  In order to get away from all that, we've compiled some of our favorite gifs from the NBA Finals so far.  You know how much we love gifs.

Best Plays in GIF Form

We'll start here, because this happened in Game 1, and because Norris Cole had no chance/got completely eviscerated:

Manu is a passing god.  If you look closely, you can actually see the fan in the stands with a wand that is actually controlling the ball in the first gif:

This just shows how strong Lebron is: Splitter wound up, Lebron went straight up, and Lebron said, "No thank you."

Remember that time Green hit the deepest three of his life to set a record, and then poked the bear by hitting another one in Lebron's face?

And of course, the greatest play of this series so far (or at least the most important):

Those Times People Did Ridiculous Things

Chris Bosh doesn't get to be in the "plays in gif form" section...because this is just a terrible flop:

His coach was disappointed:

This guy, however, is amped:

Remember that time we gave you an over/under on 1.5 quarters until Duncan disagreed with a call and his eyes bugged out of his head? We hope you took the under:

We wish they would bring back these hair-styles:

So here we are...the NBA Finals are down to a best of 3 series.  Will it end like this again?  We hope so:

Best GIFS We're Missing Out On

Anything and everything Kent Bazemore:

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