Tuesday, June 4, 2013

The Tweener: The Finals, Ejections, and an Actual Tweener!

On February 26 I wrote an inaugural Tweener column.  It's that time of the week again - and as a special bonus, the French Open is going on!  Here are this week's quick hitters:

>>>> Obligatory note here to acknowledge that Miami put in a dominant performance last night and will face the San Antonio Spurs in the NBA Finals.  My co-writer Paul turned out an amazing piece yesterday on Gerald Green, which was fantastic because we actually had a Gerald Green sighting in last night's game!  I'll go ahead and throw out my ill-thought-out Spurs-in-6 prediction here.  Once Westbrook went down I think we all secretly wanted this.  And if someone tells you they know how this is going to play out - they're lying.  Which is why we'll probably put out a piece on Thursday about how that series is going to go.  And Gregg Popovich will react like this:

>>>> I know it was his birthday. And I know he's won 7 of the last 8 tournaments at this venue, and currently holds the greatest record of all time at an individual major.  But really, this is just excessive:

And because I know Bryan Kelly is itching to know my thoughts - yes I think Nadal wins this tournament.  He put it together convincingly today against Nishikori.  Here's a fun fact - Jo Wilfried Tsonga is the only active player on the tour that has beaten Nadal, Federer, Djokovic, and Murray in a Grand Slam tournament.  The French crowd is going to be dizzy trying to figure out who to root for in the Tsonga-Federer quarterfinal.  But expect Djokovic to walk through Haas, Nadal to make it to the semis with relative ease, Ferrer to gut out a win over some other person that will quickly be forgotten, and watch Tsonga-Federer go for 4 hours.  Then it's a toss up (meaning either Djokovic or Nadal will win the whole thing), and when in doubt, go with the man that has only lost ONE TIME in his career at this tournament.

>>>> People that got ejected from last night's Game 7:
Jeff Pendergraph, for releasing this picture.
Norris Cole, for 'taking his talents to Mario Chalmers.'
Which is actually a little bit significant if he gets suspended for any Finals games.
Flo Rida's manager, which is one of these two guys, but I don't actually know
what Flo Rida looks like.  I'll assume the manager is the one not looking at the camera.
>>>> Agnieszka Radwanska (bless you) played Ana Ivanovic.  That in itself was enough to get me to turn on the tv.  But then Radwanska...HIT A TWEENER...and won the point!!!!  It was only the second tweener I can remember seeing in women's tennis over the last decade, so she absolutely wins this column.  On the other hand, she decided to go blonde, which I don't really understand at all.  But I'm willing to overlook that decision...BECAUSE SHE HIT A TWEENER AND WON THE POINT!!!!

So here's to you, Agnieszka (gesundheit).

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