Monday, December 23, 2013

ICYMI: There's A New Jetson

We now bring you the first part of a new and what we hope will be a season-long series: Did You See What Happened on "Inside the NBA on TNT?"

The Scene: December 19, 2013.  Halftime of the Golden State Warriors vs. San Antonio Spurs.

What: Charles "Chuck" Barkley fails to correctly remember Elroy Jetson's name, instead calling him Leroy Jetson.

Our favorite things about this segment:

1. The catch by Ernie at 1:08.  If he doesn't call Chuck out, none of this would have happened.
2. Shaq's reaction from 1:29-2:11, including:
       a. "Is that the black Jetson?"
       b. "His home-boy Leroy!" (sung to the Jetsons theme song)
       c. "Underdog - put that on a t-shirt!"
       d. His concluding facepalm with his script.
       e. The fact that Kenny "The Jet" Smith is trying to talk almost that entire time.
3. The work by the production team to make the next segment pure gold - the graphic at 2:30 and the Jetsons theme song in the background.
4. Shaq singing again at 2:40 - "Got dubs on his whip!"

Don't worry - we'll keep an eye out for future shenanigans from the Inside the NBA crew, since they deliver just about every night.

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