Wednesday, March 13, 2013

A Comedy of Errors: The Javale McGee Eye Test

It's funny how polarizing certain athletes can be.

Take Javale McGee, for example. Esteemed writer and devout Nuggets fan Paul Britton knows Javale as a productive, high-energy bench guy - someone who can immediately come in and block some shots, throw down a couple monster jams, and surprise you/make you chuckle:

As a Wizards fan, I know Javale as the exact fucking opposite.

Javale was the guy with all the talent in the world that didn't give a shit, didn't work hard, and did things on the basketball court that made you bang yourself in the forehead so hard you were at risk for brain damage. Like this:

Or this:

Or...sweet need the video to appreciate this one:

A common denominator of his stint with the Wizards was that he always seemed to miss a ton of dunks. Sure, he attempted some of those dunks from the foul line with a defender in his way, but for a 7 footer with a 36" vertical, he seemed to miss a lot of routine dunks, too. Hey, let's take a look at the stats!

In his 2010-2011, his last full season with the Wiz kids, Javale was...29th in the league with 7 missed dunks. Hmm, not that bad. What about last year? He was 17th in the league with 8 missed dunks. Still not great, still not terrible. What about this year? Oh dear...tied for 1st in the league with 17 missed dunks already. I know that he attempts more than most players in the league, but god that is a lot of missed dunks. Even the stats make Javale out to be an enigma. I don't even know what to say here. You broke my heart, Javale.


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