Wednesday, March 20, 2013

The Man, the Myth, The Legend - Marshall Henderson

If you've followed college basketball at all this year, you may be aware that we are witnessing the most hated player on a basketball court since JJ Redick. I am of course talking about the legendary shooting guard from Ole Miss, Marshall Henderson.

Marshall looks like he was plucked straight out of the trailer park - and to be honest, he probably was. Need proof? He was arrested in high school for trying to buy weed with counterfeit money! He lives for pissing off other players and taunting every student section in the country. And he's damn good at it:

I haven't watched a ton of SEC basketball this year, but in every game I've seen Marshall play he has been an unbelievably big ball hog. He will literally shoot every time there is a defender more than 2 feet away from him. Don't get me wrong, he makes a good amount of them and is a big reason why Ole Miss made a surprise run to the NCAA tournament. But he is a chucker like no other. Do the stats back this up?

Um, hell yes. Jesus. 11 threes a game? That's almost more than Jack Peterson takes. This is the easiest eye test I'll ever write.


To be honest, I really just wanted to blog about Marshall. Let's look at some more Marshall antics. First we've got Marshall throwing a piece of ice at his own student section:

Marshall doing the Harlem Shake (skip to 0:45):

And lastly, Marshall on a romantic date:

One thing is for sure - the tournament will be more exciting because of this guy. Don't ever change, Marshall.


  1. In the gif with him taunting the AU student section, check out the...dude in the white shirt just cheesin

  2. As soon as I saw Ole Miss as the 12 seed I immediately picked them to the Sweet 16,solely because of this guy. Definitely someone I'd like to burn with too.

  3. Ben Jackowitz I noticed that too. I definitely watched that gif as many times as there were people to see everyones reaction. Pretty great. It's like watching 20 videos in one.