Monday, May 20, 2013

The Tweener: Moore, OK, we're here for you.

On February 26 I wrote an inaugural Tweener column. It's that time of the week again - this issue's quick hitters are below with a special topic at the end.
  • This is the worst part of the playoffs, where the time between televised games gets longer, and the entertainment factor within each game gets smaller.  You have to assume the NBA office is performing every sort of voodoo magic they can think of to prevent a Memphis-Indiana final. If there wasn't the possibility that at any moment Wade could throw an alley-oop pass to Lebron, and if the Spurs offense wasn't the prettiest thing to watch since Emma Watson in Harry Potter 7 Part I (the saving grace of that movie), I wouldn't watch any of these Conference Finals games.  And even though Miami and San Antonio aren't the largest markets out there, they're still pretty effing big. And the best part is, no one knows what to think about that match up. Seriously. They've basically never played each other at full strength. Can Popovich draw up the perfect Xs and Os to beat a small ball, athletic, we're-faster-than-you-because-you-play-3-old-men kind of attack? So here's to Indiana beating Miami so this intrigue can live on for another year!
No really, the Pacers are so boring Lance Stephenson tried choking himself.
  • Because the playoffs just got....zzzzzz....I've turned my attention briefly back to tennis. How brief, you ask? Long enough to see Serena finish off a 24 match win streak that had Azarenka throwing temper tantrums, and long enough to see Nadal crush Federer (to take a 20-10 lead in their rivalry, including 12 of the last 16 across all surfaces) to win the Rome title. Looks like all is right in the tennis world as we prepare for Roland Garros. Now if someone could just explain to me why this stab from Djokovic has not received billing as the greatest shot of all time...I mean...he's sitting on his butt.

  • Briefly back to basketball...check out this gif. Now while you watch it, picture Roy Hibbert (the man blocking the dunk) as, let's say "fate", and picture Carmelo Anthony as "hopes and dreams", and then watch as Carmelo's fate crushes his hopes and dreams.

Finally I would like to take a completely serious moment to say that my heart goes out to all those affected by and connected to the destruction caused by the tornado(es) in Moore, Oklahoma (and around the Midwest) over the past couple of days. I cannot imagine what it would be like to lose everything you own, much less fear for the safety of those you love. My thoughts will be with everyone involved.  And if you, like me, have seen the images and seen the video of people sifting through the rubble and you are feeling desperately far away and would like to know more about how you can help, here's a link to a USA Today piece with a few options.  Stay strong Moore. Stay strong Oklahoma.

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