Tuesday, May 7, 2013

The Tweener: Parties, Iron Man, and a Facebook Creation

On February 26 I wrote an inaugural "Tweener" column. It's that time of the week again! Here are this issue's quick hitters:

Happy Birthday to...

My birthday is at the end of this week. So I figured it would be interesting to see if any famous NBA players shared my birthday, or at least a volume shooter or two. Here's what I found (possible Obscure NBA Players alert!):

  • Jerome Williams - Drafted in '96, went a whopping 1-for-26 from three in his nearly ten year career. Nope. (Also in that draft, and still in the league? Ray Allen, Kobe, Steve Nash, and Derek Fisher, depending on whether or not you count Fisher's corpse as still being in the league. Famous Chinese League players in that draft include Stephon Marbury, Kerry Kittles, and Allen Iverson.)
  • Rony Seikaly - Drafted in '88, went a whopping 6-for-32 from three in his eleven year career. Nope. This draft was pretty bad.
  • Danny Schayes - Drafted in '81, and apparently only NBA centers are born on my birthday, as the 6' 11" Schayes went 4-for-30 for his career. Damn it. Schayes went 13th in this draft, which also wasn't that good...but was slightly better than '88.
Well that is just very unfortunate.

The Limbo List

The "Limbo List." It's a thing I just created. Trademarked. If Grantland steals this I am going to be very upset and proud.  What is it, you ask?

It's that person that friends you on Facebook that is friends with your younger sibling who thinks you're the coolest person ever - and you don't want to say yes because why would you want or need to be friends with them...but you don't want to crush their dreams by declining their request. It's that 55-year-old neighbor that finally got a Facebook and thinks they are suddenly super cool (but obviously isn't), but you may need to send them a message at some point so you don't immediately reject them. It's your cat's Facebook account that your mom runs.

It's the list of people that have friended you on Facebook that you have neither accepted nor denied. They are in limbo. It's a thing. The Limbo List.

Derrick Rose has created his own NBA Limbo List by refusing to rule himself out of the playoffs.  As I write this, the Bulls just stole game one in Miami. (I am trying so hard to contain my pure jubilation.) Holy pasty. Sorry just saw a shot of Matt Bonner.  Anyway, Rose and Deng were ruled out for Game 1 a few hours before it started, but hopefully being ambiguous about whether or nor someone is going to play (especially crucial ones like Rose and Deng) isn't the new thing in the NBA because I hate it and it plays with my nerves.

Related to that series..."major lols" at the individual that voted for 'Melo and denied Lebron the unanimous MVP award he deserved.

Iron Curry

I saw Iron Man 3 on Sunday. And it was incredible. And because I have to have an obligatory Steph Curry/Golden State Warriors/wow-Game-1-of-that-series-was-ridiculous-and-somewhat-heartbreaking reference...well...you're welcome.

Even though this is a Mark 1 version of the suit, I suggest you tune in for the rest of this series, or at least every 3rd quarter since that's when Steph seems to go off.

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